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Lansing is the capital city of Michigan and located in Ingham County. It is often referred to as "Mid Michigan". Lansing is a multifaceted city for educational, cultural, governmental, business, and high-tech manufacturing. Lansing was built into an industrial powerhouse with the founding of Olds Motor in 1897. Ransom E. Olds started a new company REO Motor Car Company in 1905, which was in existence for 70 years. The city was shaped into a major industrial center for automobile manufacturing.

Educational opportunity abounds in Lansing. Lansing Community College offers more than 500 areas of study and has a noted accredited Nursing program. Thomas M. Cooley Law School, the largest law school in the nation is located in Lansing and fully accredited by the American Bar Association.

Lansing has a wide array of museums, parks, sporting events and tourist attractions. Most notable are the Turner Dodge House Museum dedicated to the early pioneers of Lansing; Impression 5 Science Museum; RE Olds Transportation Museum; Potter Park Zoo, Michigan and the Michigan Library and Historical Center. Lansing is also home to the Lansing Lugnuts

Lansing is typically divided into 4 areas: East side, West side, Northwest side, and the South side. The East side boundaries are east of the Grand River and north of the Red Cedar River. The West side, is located north, west, and south of the Grand River as it weaves through the city. It also includes Lansing's downtown area, though this neighborhood is often included as an area all its own. The Northwest side, is located north of the Grand River. The Northwest area of Lansing has some mid density residential neighborhoods and natural areas. The South side, is home to neighborhoods located south of the Grand and Red Cedar rivers and the I-496 freeway, is the largest side of the city. Some of the long established neighborhoods include Groesbeck, Riverside, McPherson, Westside neighborhood, Moores River, Grand Manor, Sycamore and Saratoga Woods.

In recent years, Lansing has gained international exposure as it diversifies from manufacturing. Emergent BioSolutions is an international biopharmaceutical company that maintains significant operations in Lansing. Emergent BioSolutions is developing an array of biodefense and commercial products and currently manufactures the only FDA approved anthrax vaccine at its Lansing operations. Neogen is an international food and animal safety and diagnostics company headquartered in Lansing.

As a resident of Lansing, one will enjoy the small town warmth while enjoying the fun of a big city, including educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. The Lansing area was recently awarded the "Five Star Quality of Life Quotient" by Expansion.

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