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Eaton Rapids is a community located in Eaton County and is located just 17 miles south of Lansing. Situated on the banks of the picturesque Grand River, Eaton Rapids has given itself the nickname "Island City" as located downtown, there is an island and public park on the Grand River.

Eaton Rapids is home to a wholesome environment for families to flourish for years. From its historical business districts, medical facilities, schools, parks and quiet neighborhoods, Eaton Rapids is a friendly place to live, work and visit. "Small Town Charm" is often said of this community. Eaton Rapids Public Schools offers diverse, innovative programs for students.

Eaton Rapids has a rich history and has given Michigan two governors, Judge Ransom in 1838 and Austin Blair in 1842. Dr. Derby of Eaton Rapids put together a cough syrup that is still being manufactured by Park Davis. The Bissell Plow Co. of Eaton Rapids invented, patented and manufactured horse drawn plows.

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